Vasanth Medi-Trans is one of the first companies in India to launch a comprehensive Medical Transcription Training Program that caters to the MT industry standards.Our 6-month eLearning-based course is available as online and classroom training and follows the MT Model curriculum published by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (formerly American Association of Medical Transcriptionists). Any candidate aspiring to become a Medical Language Specialist and having good English skills can apply for the MT program. Computer and Internet facility at home is necessary for taking the course for online students.

The Vasanth Medi-Trans MT training program has two components Basic and Advanced training. The Basic training module covers American English, American lifestyle, Theory of Medical Transcription, Language of Medicine, and Medical Transcription Practice.

The Advanced MT module comprises extensive transcription practice transcribing medical reports dictated by American doctors belonging to various medical specialties and ethnic backgrounds. This wide exposure, coupled with our expert guidance, provides a learner with sound training that stands him or her in good stead while handling live work.

On successful completion of the training, candidates can opt to work from the comfort of their homes while earning a salary that is based on quality and quantity of work.

Speech Recognition Medical Transcription Editing

We have recently introduced a Speech Recognition Medical Transcription Editing course. In addition to the regular training, all trainees will also be trained in handling files received pre-transcribed via the automatic speech recognition (ASR) software that is becoming popular with doctors and other healthcare technicians in the US.

Doctors in the US are bound by law to provide medical records of their patients for health insurance and health record purposes. Typically, the healthcare professionals use digital voice recorders to dictate their patients’ medical history, observations made, and treatment done. These dictations are then converted into digital voice files and sent to medical language specialists, who listen to them and then transcribe them into readable medical records. The transcripts then undergo rigorous editing and proofreading before being returned to the dictating healthcare professional.


With the speech recognition software, a transcriptionist can double or even triple the number of lines he/she can process in a day. As with any job, medical transcriptionists also face issues like hard to understand audio files, unfamiliar medical words or phrases, or the need to a patient’s chart to clarify information. With advances in speech recognition software, however, these instances are becoming more infrequent since most of this comes pre-transcribed from the client’s end. Speech recognized medical transcription editors (SRMTEs) merely edit the drafts for accuracy, look for errors, and make any necessary changes.

In the US, certification programs are offered in several community colleges as well as in regular colleges. In India, Vasanth Medi-Trans is proud to be the first to provide this advantage to aspiring entrants in the medical transcription field.

Tutoring by industry experts

Our industry-experienced trainers provide instant clarification to students’ doubts and provide constant motivation
and guidance through Skype, chat sessions and phone calls. They also conduct regularly
scheduled Webinars / Virtual Classroom (whiteboard) sessions with candidates around the globe.