Medical Transcription

In the United States, it is legally binding on doctors to provide the medical records of their patients for health insurance and healthcare documentation purposes. To save time, doctors use digital voice recorders to dictate their patients’ medical history, including the physical examination and medical problems, any lab and diagnostic tests that were requested and their results, diagnosis, treatment plan, and instructions given to the patient. These dictations are then converted into digital voice files and sent to medical language specialists, who listen to the files and transcribe them into text format. These reports then undergo rigorous editing and proofreading before they are sent over to the doctors. This process of converting dictated medical reports into readable medical records is called Medical Transcription (now known as Healthcare Documentation).


Vasanth Medi-Trans is one of the first companies in India to launch a comprehensive Medical Transcription Training Program that caters to the healthcare industry standards. Vasanth Medi-Trans six-month online & classroom training follows the MT Model curriculum published by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (formerly American Association of Medical Transcriptionists.

The program is designed to promote self-learning with round-the-clock help from our experienced trainers who provide instant clarification and constant motivation and guidance through Skype, chat sessions and/or phone calls. The trainers also conduct regularly scheduled Webinars or Virtual Classroom (whiteboard) sessions with candidates around the globe.

This wide exposure, coupled with our expert guidance, provides the learner with adequate training that stands him/her in good stead while handling live work.


The eligibility criteria for a career in healthcare documentation is:

Primary criteria
  • Good English skills – writing, grammar, and communication
  • An ear for accents
  • A home PC
  • Landline with internet connection (broadband).
Secondary criteria
  • A minimum of secondary school education (10+2)
  • Familiarity with medical terminology
  • Good typing skills (typing higher preferred)
  • Basic to above-average knowledge of computers

Our online & classroom MT training program has two components:
Basic and Advanced training.

  • Basic training covers American English, American lifestyle, Theory of Medical Transcription, Language of Medicine, and Medical Transcription Practice.
  • Advanced training involves extensive transcription practice of reports dictated by doctors belonging to various medical specialties and ethnic backgrounds.

For a look at the detailed course syllabus

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Note: While our gear is geared towards the American accents and lifestyle, it is also a launch pad for processing transcription jobs from England.